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Meet the RXpursuit Speed Rope Pro Line 3. Our advanced handles are carefully designed with a slim neck and a grip surface that moulds seamlessly to your hand, allowing you to hold them firmly during even the most intense and sweaty workouts.

Optimised Grip, Unparalleled Comfort:
Experience the difference with grips that put your comfort first. The slim neck design and perfectly shaped grip surface not only feel natural in your hand, but also guarantee a slip-free grip during the most demanding workouts, allowing you to focus on your performance without distraction.

Adjustable Anytime, Anywhere:
Innovative and user-friendly, the Speed Rope Pro Line 3 has handles with a twist - literally. The bottom of the handles can be effortlessly unscrewed to reveal a hidden gem - the cap that is simultaneously your Allen spanner. Adjust your speed rope whenever and wherever you want, without losing your hex key.

Customisable Weight Options:
Take your workout to new dimensions with the hollow inside of our handles, where you can insert weights. Enhance your workout by adding weights to the handle to adjust the intensity of your workout. This ingenious feature makes our evolved handles multi-functional, making them accessible to athletes of any level.

Customisable For Any Athlete:
The RXpursuit Speed Rope Pro Line 3 is more than just another jump rope; it's a versatile training tool designed to meet the needs of athletes at every level. From the ergonomic handles to the customisable weight options, our speed rope adapts to your cross-training journey, making it your essential buddy in the pursuit of perfection.

Take a new step in your Double under journey with the RXpursuit Speed Rope Pro Line 3 where design meets functionality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great speed rope! Excellent service!!

I tested my friend’s speed rope and the double unders (DU’s) were already much better. Immediately bought the Pro Line 3 speed rope. The ball bearing in one handle wasn’t working properly. After emailing about it, I received an immediate response from RX Pursuit. They sent a new speed rope the same day. Truly excellent service!

Better than RPM!

I have used RPM for years but this speed rope is even faster! I also like the hard coverbag.