About us

We are two CrossFit enthusiasts who want to get the most out of others and ourselves. We see this mentality a lot in the CrossFit community and it is something to be proud of. Unfortunately, we also see a lot of athletes constantly comparing themselves to others, and that athletes are very much focused on achieving the prescribed RX level. We don't see the prescribed RX level as a goal and we prefer not to compare ourselves with other athletes. We see RX as the best version of yourself. Dare to scale a workout so that you train at the intensity intended for the workout. Dare to take a lighter weight and focus on your technique. RX is a goal to always get the best out of yourself. Once you've reached the goal, take the next step towards your new RX version. We want to inspire CrossFit athletes of all levels with our vision. Apart from the RXpursuit mentality, we also believe that the right CrossFit products are essential in achieving your new RX level. That's why we started RXpursuit. We want to show in our way that CrossFit is for everyone and we want to help athletes take the next step towards their RX goal with our products.