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These extra-long no holes fingerless grips of 2.5mm thick were developed on the basis of weeks of testing and collecting feedback.

From these tests we have adjusted a few things:

  • The grip surface is 23cm long so that the grip folds completely around the bar. This gives you an even stronger grip than what you are used to.

  • The strap is extra long and extra strengthened so that the grips last longer.

  • The grips are "one size fits all" so you always have the right size.


 Why our grips are the best solution you can read here:

  • They feel like a second skin

  • They offer extra protection because of the 2,5mm thickness

  • They give you the perfect grip on the bar

  • Suitable for beginners and professionals

  • The best grip for athletes with sweaty hands

  • No more distractions from sore hands


Advantages Carbon Fiber:

  • Very strong

  • Feels nice and soft

  • Lightweight material

  • Does not stretch

  • Repels moisture

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