Hookgrip Weightlifting Tape

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Especially designed for gymnastics, weightlifting and powerlifting. Prevents cuts, scratches, tears and blisters throughout your workouts. It protects your thumbs when using rods, barbells, weights, kettlebells, rings and hookgrip.

Get extra grip
RXpursuit's tape provides extra grip on the bar, kettlebell, dumbbell and with your hookgrip!

Double density
Designed with a double density wire, which gives you greater resistance, durability and protection for your fingers. So you can withstand the most demanding workouts.

Extra strong glue
Manufactured with extra strong glue, resistant to sweat, water and chalk, regardless of the level of exertion, RXpursuit's tape will not come loose during your workouts and will not leave any glue residue!

Premium quality
The RXpursuit tape is flexible, adapts perfectly to your fingers, is elastic, breatheable, but is also hypoallergenic and offers maximum protection and comfort.

Easy to use
You don't need scissors, thanks to the serrated shape you can easily tear it off with your hands. The dimensions are 5 cm wide and 4,5 meters long, perfect to protect your thumbs at every workout and during hookgrip.

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