RXpursuit Ultra Sticky Fingerless Grips

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Are you looking for grips that feel wonderfully soft on your hands, stick super well in the bar and no longer require chalk? Then these are the perfect grips for you!

- Stick to coated and uncoated bars
- No more chalk needed
- Perfect for focusing fully on technique
- Super soft
- One size
- Extra wide strap
- Developed for athletes of all levels
- Maintain focus through intense grip
- Stick to the bar with more confidence than ever

How long they last has to do with several factors such as your weight, the volume you train and what kind of rack you train in. We recommend using the grips on an uncoated bar. Because of the incredible grip you have, the grips wear slightly faster than grips that have a smoother surface.

We offer a 60-day warranty on our Ultra Sticky Grips.

These one-size grips are slightly shorter than our extra-long fingerless grips. This makes the grips easy to use in the rings or during workouts with single or double unders.

The RXpursuit Ultra Sticky Fingerless Grips feel like a second skin due to the super soft inside. The rough exterior of the grips makes you stick to the bar longer, so you can fully concentrate on your exercises.

Upgrade your workouts now with the RXpursuit Ultra Sticky Fingerless Grips.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great grips

Great grips, are a bit big for my wrists but with the sweat wrists band underneath they fit great, and have a lot of grip!

Merel van Nistelrode
Definitely sticky

Very sticky, definitely helps with grip. For small wrists they are a little too big, need to put double sweat bands under them to close propperly. Guess they are developed for men and not women. On the upside, have to use extra wrist bands anyway because otherwise they hurt on the wrists.

majid rezaie
Amazing grips

Loved the grips! Used it for the Murph workout. Easy to use, great grip and no tearing of hands anymore :)

Roel Huijnen

Grips are good, but I missed the protectionband for my skin.

Great grip

Gives great grip for making pull ups for example.
Only downside I still get blisters on my hand